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"Name Your Own Price" Sale - Pay What You Can!!

We want you to know that Ambron Products is having a "Name Your Own Price" sale, for our retail customers! Our goal has been to provide books and games in braille and print for the blind and sighted to share.

Here is the way you can participate:

1) For retail customers only. Those companies who also sell our products will still be paying their regular wholesale prices.

2) The sale will continue for the items on this list as long as they last!

3) Products we are including in this sale:

a. I am a Crayon, What Color am I? by John Batron, in braille, print and with tactile pictures - can also be used as a coloring book, regular price: $14

b. The Yellow Pumpkin, in braille and print - a good Halloween story, by John Batron, regular price: $20

c. Wee Willie the Wiggleworm, by John Batron, in large print only (We are working on producing a braille companion book for this story!) regular price: $15

4) Quantities allowed during this sale: If "Your Price" is lower than our regular price, the limit is 6 items. Let us know if you need more. Also limited to those items we have in stock - and there are a bunch!

If "Your Price" is equal to or more than our regular price, your purchase is limited to the items we have on hand. And, we definitely thank you for your support and making it possible for others to pay what they can! You will also be eligible for a free gift in braille or one of our Wee Willie finger puppets or a large Wee Willie character doll!

5) This sale is only for items purchased directly from Ambron Products.

6) Sales Tax and Shipping will be added where required.

7) In order to use "Your Price," you need to contact Ambron Products at email: or by phone: 303-789-7538, give us your address and tell us which products you want to purchase at "Your Price," so we can let you know the tax and shipping that may apply.

8) We are asking for a minimum price of $5 per item. If you would like a lower price, please request it.

How can we do this? And why? We are new to this business, with few business skills, but we have products we believe could be a great addition to the lives and activities "that the blind and sighted" can share!"

We do want to get these items to those who can benefit from and enjoy them. By offering these items at "Your Price," we will take a loss, but will have some capital to help us produce one or two more books - which is our goal at this time.

If we are unable to find people who can assist us in this business - someone with business skills who may want to join the partnership, someone with better eyesight who also may be interested in joining the partnership, and some interested parties who may want to invest in this business, this may be our final year for this company.

Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. We hope to hear from you soon!

Blessings and thanks for your interest!

Estelle and John at Ambron Products

Please see or listen to the Contact page for pricing, shipping, and other information.

At this time, our braille books are in grade 1, uncontracted braille, so that new braille users can also enjoy the books, whatever their age!

Watch for Wee Willie the Wiggleworm and his pal Flutterby coming soon! Click here or on the picture!

NEW GAME!!! Five Crowns in Braille and Print

Five Crown is a five-suited rummy-style card game. Fun for family and friends, blind or sighted, and remember:
"The game isn't over until the kings go wild!"

Click here or on the picture to see or hear a hand and the instructions.

Wee Willie the Wiggleworm

Just Released!!! Join Wee Willie as he goes on an adventure and meets many interesting animal characters! This book is in large print. Please click on the cover or here to see a page inside!

This newest book is our first non-braille children's book but it does have many full color pictures for the sighted to enjoy. We plan to make a braille companion so that visually impaired and blind can share this book. Please contact us for more information. You can find it at online bookstores or purchase directly from Ambron. Please enjoy!

The Yellow Pumpkin

Another Butterfly Book by John Batron, with braille and print, side by side, for sharing!

Follow Danny as he tries to find a pumpkin and make a great jack-o-lantern for Halloween.

Click here or on the picture to see or hear a sample of the book!

I am a Crayon. What color am I?

A tactile, braille and large print coloring book, for blind and sighted family, friends and even for grandparents and parents to be able to share with their kids!

Includes 9 unique tactile pictures. Click here or on the picture to peek inside!

Quiddler Card Game in Braille and Print
"The Short Word Game - For the Fun of Words!!!"

A card game that readers of any age, blind and sighted, can enjoy together. Cards and instructions are Brailled.

Click here or on the picture to see or hear a winning hand and the instructions.

Quiddler Junior in Braille and Print

An easier version of the original Quiddler game. The junior version has instructions in either grade 1 or grade 2 braille. The cards have print and braille letters, numbers and an example word along with a picture of that word. Point chips in braille and print are also included.

Click here or on the picture to see or hear a hand, the point chips and the instructions.

Please see the Contact page for pricing, shipping, and other information.